Top 10 Beautiful Bangladeshi Actress’s


Actress, this particular term is the best term for men’s doesn’t matter you are married or still finding someone to get in a relationship. Because “men will be men” we always try to Imagine something which is satisfying to our body, to our mind. If I told you my imagination, I started to imagine some beautiful actresses in my mind from my school days. Wait! I hope you get it right? your one hand is searching on YouTube or on Google by typing the most beautiful actress and then your other hand started to satisfy your imaginary world. Where I used to think, if this actress once come to my house, and outside of the house it’s full raining and her car suddenly stops beside my doorstep for the reason of heavy raining and she was totally wet on her white transparent shirt and a short black skirt which starts from her waist and ends just after 5 Inc. Wait! rest of the things I think you already know what is going to happen? If you know it and you can give some great story then comment below with your imaginary satisfactory form.

Now let’s get back to the point and let me help you to imagine your one more night satisfaction hand job. So these are the top 10 most beautiful Bangladeshi actresses here I will tell you why they are known as the best and beautiful actress. So let’s start my Imaginary army.

10) Apu Biswas

She is our top-10 beautiful actress from Bangladesh. She was born on 11 October 1996. While she is also a model, a former wife of “Sakib Khan” while I’m not going to bore you by saying her full career information but yes I can tell you why people admire her as the beautiful and hottest girl of Bangladesh.

She is a chubby girl, which men always want to get in touch and the most important thing is here she size 36-26-37. So if you want to imagine someone whose back will look hot and big in a tight dress then she is the one.

9) Eamin Haque Bobby

When we are talking about top 10 then in our top 9 list here she is who rules most men’s hearts’ without and problem. Eamin Haque Bobby is a Bangladeshi actress and producer also. While she was born on 18 August 1989 in Dhaka Bangladesh. She had really something in her which attracts men at first sight. The way she shows her cleavage and navel men always to work with their one hand. Hence her size is 35-27-36. She is most known for her ass moves and I bet her ass moves will let you drop your serum I hope you guys understood.

8) Naila Nayem

She is the hottest girl in our list. She started her career as a model then he turns around as an actress in the Bangladesh film industry. She was born on 14 December 1985.

If you are someone who is a bit naughty and wild who loves slim girls. Who always wanted to satisfy their tower by watching their favorite actress in short dress then she is the one. Her dressing style is enough to make you cum, yes you heard right she can simply do it only you need to use your imagination power as she had a very seductive body with 32-24-34.

7) Mehazabien Chowdhury

There is no doubt to say she is a brilliant actress, she started her film career after winning the lux channel show. Her acting is really but apart from that, she was born on 19 April 1991.

If you are a fan of teens and cute ones who are slim whose smiles are dam cute then here she is. She looks more beautiful in the traditional wear of Bangladesh and that dressing sense makes her more sexiest than those other girls. Her size is 29-26-29. Yes! you heard right, her size is not less sexier than those teen pornstars, as guys love to hold them in arms then pull them up and then let her ass spanked, she had that kind of figure which is really sexy.

6) Puja Chery

She is our hottest milf category one. She deserves to be on the list of top 10 beautiful Bangladeshi actresses. As she begins her career in her childhood where she played a role in a movie called Bhalobashar, Later on, she becomes the hottest model for Bangladesh, she also did many Bangladeshi movies.

Her boobs and ass are the best to see and imagine as a milf. She looks hot in a short dress as a short top and a short panty where her tight thighs can get a better look and those round ass will make you cum as her size is 34-24-35, so you started jerking right? wait there are still many more that are going to come on the list.

5) Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

Then are you jerking off till then slow on here is our “top 5 beautiful Bangladeshi actress”. She is a model and also an actress who did many movies.

Her personality is just like a hot teen, where you will always want to do a roleplay with her like stepdad and stepdaughter. She was born on 10th November 1991, her height is 5.7cm which is perfect for a washbasin makeout being a stepdaughter and stepdad. Her size is 34-24-32, which looks amazing in a tight and short dress like one piece.

4) Jaya Hasan

 She deserves this no.4 position under this “top 5 beautiful Bangladeshi actress” because she did many things like she is a producer, model, actress for movie, actress for tv shows and she also did work for many Indian Bengali film. She was born on 1 July 1983.

Apart from her career life, you can call her a proper definition of sexines, where she definitely can seduce you by showing her cleavage and ass from a short dress. Her height is 5.4 inc and this the best height length for 69 positions while her size is 34-26-35.

3) Nusrat Faria

She deserves to be in no.2 but again there are 2 more beauties on the list are left. She was born on 8 September 1993, She is a great talented girl who works for Radio, modeling, acting and also as a tv actress.

She is the best one if you want to see stepmom and stepsister roleplay. Her figure is amazing 32-23-32 with 5 feet 3 inch of height.

2) Tanjin Tisha

 Her name identifies her as a tv actress, movie actress, model and she also won Meril Prothom Alo Awards in the Best Newcomer category for her performance in the drama U-turn. She was born on 23 May 1994 while her height is 5.6 feet.

She gets a very attractive face and seductive body where her size is 29-26-29. Majority of male wants tits which are in proper shape and need to be tight without a bra. So she had it and no doubt many male searches on YouTube and Google that Tanjin Tisha hot boobs and ass, the reason for searching people’s know she is the only one who will let male wilder in bed.

1) Jessia Islam

This time I’m not going to give some hot details of an actress but this time Jessia Islam is the Bangladeshi model and beauty pageant titleholder who had been awarded the crowned of Miss Bangladesh 2017.

Yes! She is not an actress but yes she is the sexiest girl in Bangladesh and she deserves this top place in our list. She was born on 16 May 1997.

She is dam sexy her figure defines her like a hot teen. Imagine top Bangladeshi model is standing in front of your door, she is wearing a hot transparent shirt without bra and a short panty and suddenly you started to rub your big tower on her back and it’s getting hard and hard then she pushed u back to the bed and started to suck you big banana how it feels? let me know what will you do if you found yourself in this condition. Apart from that 34-25-35

Finally, you are at your end, let it out and think those actresses are begging for your serum while they are on their knees and finally, you put it out on their face, feels good? Let me know what and how you will use your imagination with these “Top 10 beautiful Bangladeshi actresses”.

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